H832 - 2 3/4'' Nickel Clipboard Clips

H832 - 2 3/4'' Nickel Clipboard Clips

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Make beautiful clipboards with these 2-3/4'' nickel finish, steel domed clips.

Fasteners needed depend on the material you are going into/through.
For 1/2" material you can use two #4 screws like our E122-4R.
For 1/4"-3/8" material you can use Screw posts like our L142 or our new 1/4" #4 Round Head Screws - E142-4R.
For thinner materials you may need to rivet the clip on.

Want more help with fasteners? Check out Fastening Clipboard Clips on our Blog!

Note: Fasteners are sold separately. Click the 'Fasteners' link on the side menu.